The last great untold story of the Russian Revolution

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The story of how a centuries'-old elite, famous for its glittering wealth, its service to the empire, its promotion of the arts and culture, was dispossessed and destroyed along with the rest of tsarist Russia.

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“A passionate and vivid story of the destruction of an entire class—the Russian aristocracy” ~Michael Ignatieff, author of
The Russian Album
“A fascinating window onto a lost generation. Filled with intimate detail, drama, and pathos” ~Amanda Foreman, author of
A World on Fire: an Epic History of Two Nations Divided
“Absolutely gripping, brilliantly researched” ~Simon Sebag Montefiore, author of Jerusalem “A tour de force” ~Robert Service, author of
Trotsky: A Biography
“A brilliant account” ~The Evening Standard “A gripping saga” ~Maclean's “Grimly fascinating” ~The Seattle Times “An engaging and absorbing book” ~The Wall Street Journal “A remarkable, deeply affecting book” ~The Dallas News “A chronicle of suffering, persecution and murder ... The author has done well to tell this tale” ~The Sunday Times of London “Fascinating” ~Publishers Weekly (Starred Review) “Compelling” ~Kirkus (Starred Review) “Superbly written and emotionally wrenching” ~Booklist

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about the author

Douglas Smith is an award-winning historian and translator. He lives with his family in Seattle.